DoubleVision Media provides media consulting support for various sectors of the media business ecosystem.

From start-ups  to  major broadcast and cable networks, our award winning success in supporting the strategies, direction and execution of digital, mobile and broadcast media products, content production, audience growth and content distribution businesses is unprecedented.

Jonathan Leess works closely with his clients to uncover and advise them on their goals around key issues including media convergence, mobile, social, audience retention, revenue streams, brand image, organizational staff efficiencies, product functionality, production & operating budgets, and more. 

He strives to differentiate his work by staying ahead of the curve as it relates to “the digital landscape” while leveraging an extraordinary level of experience in broadcast, digital and mobile media content, remote & studio production, sales, management and technology.

Having a unique understanding and experience in both the  broadcast & digital media industries, Jonathan has successfully created, built and managed profitable multi-platform and multi-media businesses for small and large media companies.

“Today’s era in media is knee deep in examples of companies that have failed, not from lack of vision or strategy, but from an inability to translate  that vision and strategy into a successfully executed plan. Knowing what you need to do, on its own, does not guarantee success. Doing what you need to do with strong leadership and competent, motivated team members, is almost guaranteed to bear successful fruit…” Jonathan Leess

With his leadership and strong operating experience in broadcast, wireless and broadband media businesses, Jonathan has delivered a consistent, successful track record in the launching of new products, programming and content distribution that have produced significant incremental revenues for legacy and emerging media companies.

DoubleVision Media has an outstanding track record of over-delivering for their clients. After utilizing Jonathan’s services, many of his clients not only have received media industry accolades and awards, but his clients have recognized significant savings and incremental  revenue increases year over year.